About YWAM Paris

YWAM Paris is creating projects to influence today and tomorrow's people. The YWAM Paris team is a pioneering team, breaking new ground and releasing the future. YWAM Paris requires people with the pioneering, innovative, solution creating spirit.

YWAM Paris is inspired by

Cities: YWAM Paris recognizes the strategic importance of cities. It is passionate about reaching out to these urban crossroads of many cultures.

Arts: French people are very sensitive to beauty and culture: the team is trying to develop artistic projects to be a part of the community around them and abroad.

Justice: The team has a desire to commit itself long term with people in need (homeless people, immigrants...), to be a voice for those who are voiceless.


We run a little associative cafe which works as a restaurant , a gallery and a fair trade shop. It is a way to create relationships with people around us by simply living out our faith. We currently open in the week-ends only but are looking for more team workers (cook and waitress) to extend the project in the week.

Historic prayer tours

We welcome teams which are interested in witnessing the good news and in interceding for the city, the country and the nations. We propose commentated tours of Paris which gives understanding of its inhabitants, its gifts and weaknesses. This is a precious base for any action.

King's kids

For information on the King's Kids in Paris please visit their website.